Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ticket to Read

Voyager is the last place of employment. i was concept artist and illustrator. i worked on a flash based educational program. 

The game helps young students to read. I created all the artwork for the game. from characters to interface buttons. it was a fun project. 

This project helped me grow in my drawing skills and pushed to become more proficient in adobe illustrator. The artwork had to be in vector from in order for the animators to use the artwork in flash efficiently.

Uncle Tocket

Uncle Tocket was the first character i did for this project, This guy was gonna be the one that would be the guide for the look and feel for the rest of the project. The direction i had was a cooky fun loving inventor and that he had to be a ticket. So i took a stab at it with different syles and levels of detail. i didnt know how detail i could go with it. i am satisfied with the final design.

K.T. Ticket

K.T. Ticket is a tom boy and likes to work with tools. We wanted someone who is strong, and have a strong attitude, but still be feminine. K.T. is the main character who the student will be interacting with. She is the one that puts the toy together once you have collected all the peices.

K.T. Ticket Facial Expressions

Here are K.T.'s facial expressions for the instructional portion of the animations. 
got your basic smiles,  sad, and surprised looks. 


These guys are the zogwogs! These mischievous bunch are the characters that stole Uncle Tocket;s toys. i didnt have any real direction with these guys. cept for they had to be mischeivous and not from this world. i liked the end result. they look like trouble makers, but not threatening for the kids. plus the simple shape really helped me to be able to quicklty crank them out.

Big Z

Big Z is the leader of the zogwog;s. We wanted a hat of some sort to distinguish him as leader. i went through several hats to portray this. The bowler or derby hat was the favorite so that is what we went with. persnally i liked the leatherhead up there on the top left. but you can;t win them all.

Phoneme Mouth Animations

These are the basic phoneme mouth shapes for these characters. Did these for the animators for the instructional parts of the animations.