Sunday, December 7, 2008

K.T.'s Room

This is where K.T. puts the toys together. She is a mechanic type of a person, she doesn;t do the toy design, she just puts them together for Uncle Tocket. So i wanted to show some tools off and some spare parts. I had lots of metal parts and some industrial tools in the room before, but they decided the room looked to industrial and male oriented. I took it back so it can be more gender friendly. This room is also located in the same building as Uncle Tocket's shop. so i didnt want to stray to far from the looks and feel of his room.

This is also the room where we keep the completed toys in. So we wanted a shelf to keep all the toys in and make it easy for students to click on the box where the toy is kept in.

We played around with the idea of a carousel or a train of some sort to roll the toys onto the screen. but the boxes ended up being alot easier for the animators and programmers to deal with. 

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